Window Types

During many of my fix and flip projects, I find that a total window replacement is necessary before reselling a property.  Many older homes have windows that are rotting out and provide limited insulation.  Today’s windows come in a variety of choices, all of which are typically very good.  It is mostly dependent upon what style goes best with the home.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have been around for quite some time.  While in the past they have sometimes received a bad rap for quality, technology has come a long way.  Vinyl windows are a popular choice as they do not require any finishing and will not be suspectable to fading or rotting.  They are constructed of sturdy polyvinyl chloride which is known for being impact resistant.  They have hollow interiors to prevent moisture and heat transfer.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are another common choice for replacement windows.  They are a sought-after choice due to their lightweight durability, easy installation, limited maintenance, and protection from corrosion.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are a common choice for many newly constructed homes.  These windows are a great choice because they transfer a limited amount of heat or cold and protect against condensation.  The one downfall is that wood windows may come unfinished, although there is typically an option to purchase them pre-primed or even pre-painted in a few limited colors.

Clad-wood Windows

These windows are a wood hybrid offering the traditional wooden look on the interior with the exterior side of the wood boasting of a covering of aluminum to add protection against rot.  These are a great choice for newly constructed homes. After reviewing the many innovative window options, it was simple to narrow down my choices as only two were compatible as replacement windows.  After doing some more research, I determined that vinyl replacement windows where the perfect option for my project.  One of my friends who also does fix and flip projects, recommended 303 Windows.  I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledgeable staff, quick completion of my project, and affordable prices.  I found out that they use Amerimax windows which are locally made in Loveland, Colorado.  I loved that I was able to support a local business times two!  I was also impressed with the wonderful warranty these windows came with.  They state that their warranty covers color retention for the lifespan of the window!  This window also gave me peace of mind that the quality of the window would not be compromised since it is vinyl.  Amerimax windows are certified with a Gold label as they meet standards by both the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council.  This assured me that the quality of my completed flip will withstand both time and elements.