Why You Should Adopt, Not Shop This Christmas

While I keep pretty busy between writing and flipping, I have one other passion I don’t often talk about.  Shelter animals are near and dear to my heart.  I have two adorable chihuahua mixes that I rescued from the shelter, years back.  They quickly became my best friends.  I have recently began volunteering at my local shelter to give back to my community and these loving animals.

As the Christmas season is upon us, the cause of animal welfare is heavy upon my heart.  This is the time of year where shelters see their highest number of surrenders for the entire year.  The sad reality is that many pet owners ditch their cat or dog to replace it with a kitten or puppy.  When shelters become overcrowded with animals, they are often forced to euthanize innocent cats and dogs that could not find homes quickly enough.

This Christmas, if you are looking to add a new pet to your home, consider adopting a furry friend from your local shelter instead of purchasing from expensive breeders.  Many puppies come from puppy mills where the animals are caged and live in subpar conditions for the simple purpose of making money for the owner.  By adopting you save a life and lessen the demand for breeders.

Many people shy away from shelter animals because they are under the false assumption that to adopt a shelter animal requires adopting an adult.  While many of the animals surrendered or rescued are adults, there are many puppies and kittens available for adoption as well.

Shelter dogs can give your family love and loyalty for a fraction of the cost of purchasing from a breeder.  Additionally, for a small adoption fee most shelter animals come up to date with vaccinations, are already fixed, and are often even microchipped.  When starting with an animal from the breeder you will not only incur large fees for a pure-bred animal, but you will also spend hundreds of dollars at the vet.  Did you know that most mixed breeds have a longer life expectancy and have better health than pure breeds?

If you are willing to consider an adult dog or cat, they are often already house trained, saving you time and frustration.  Adopting an adult can be the perfect solution for busy households that love animals but cannot make the time commitment to house training a puppy or kitten.

If you decide rescuing an animal is something your family is interested in, please take care to research the breeds and educate yourself on what is truly required of you as a pet owner.  Pets are a lifetime commitment, not just a fun novelty to abandon a few months after the holidays.

Be part of the change and save one of the 6 million animals in shelters across the country!