Weekend Home Improvement for the Winter Months

Weekend Home Improvement for the Winter Months

Every year during the bland winter months, after the holidays have long gone, I find myself bored and slightly depressed.  January is always the coldest month of the year and it feels like an eternity until spring will arrive.  During the harsh winter months, I often find myself with little to do on the weekends.  Since the weather often prevents outside activities, I decided to begin working on some small home improvement projects each weekend.  I’m staying productive and adding equity to my home!

Add Style to Your Entry Way

The entry way is often the first thing a guest will see when he or she comes for a visit.  It is also the area that everyone stashes shoes, backpacks, purchases, and outerwear.  If you are weary of yours looking like a tornado went through, I suggest mounting a decorative shelf that also functions as a key rack.  Then, add a beautiful oak (or other wood) hanging wrack for your family to hang their coats, back packs, and scarves.  It is also advisable to add a small decorative table to function as a place to sit a purse and kids’ lunch bags.  A final touch would be a cubicle made for the purpose of housing shoes neatly with their mate.  This will keep the germs contained and you will never need to go hunting for one of your kid’s shoes on a busy school morning.  I used this method to organize my husband and I’s things.  It will be perfect for any future children we may have.

Repurpose Your Junk Drawer

My husband and I often had cellphones and other electronics plugged in at various places in the kitchen.  When guests came over, I was embarrassed at the jumble of devices and cords littering my counter tops.  I found the perfect solution.  Spending just a few dollars at the store, I was able to purchase a drawer organizer (typically used for silverware drawer organization) and gave each device its own home.  I then added a power strip to charge everything and drilled a hole out the back of the drawer that the power strip could be discretely plugged in.

Add Light to the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our home.  I noticed it appeared dark and dingy as the days became shorter.  My husband and I decided to purchase a new light fixture over our kitchen table.  This quick easy project transformed our space with light and style.

Throw in Some Style to Your Cabinetry

Also, in the kitchen, I realized how tired the cabinets looked.  The gold on the hardware was beginning to rub off leaving me with dated hardware that appeared an ugly half gold, half silver combination.  I purchased new, modern hardware at my local Lowe’s store and was impressed with how much it spruced up my kitchen.