Top 5 Chairs to Add to Your Office

Decorating office spaces can be a hard feat. You want your office to look stylish, right? And that’s simple enough. But you also want it to look professional while being comfortable at the same time.

And the thing is, office spaces don’t usually allow for too much comfort to visually exist, otherwise the professionalism cannot shine through. So the trick is to find pieces of furniture that are secretly delightful to sit in. Here, we discuss the chairs that encapsulate exactly this and have listed them as the top 5 chairs to add to your office.

1. The Cogswell

The Cogswell chair is an absolute classic. It has a slightly Scandinavian feel to it, however it is thicker and takes up more space with its soft padded shoulders than most other Scandinavian chairs usually do.

The style of this chair differs greatly from designer to designer, but often the same facts run true: Cogswell chairs offer simple shapes with clean lines and are most popular in earthy colors like rich browns paired with varnished natural wood. These chairs are great because of their simplicity. Often their darkened color brings a sense of masculinity and seriousness to a room, yet when you sit in these chairs you’ll feel your whole body immediately relax.

2. Eames Lounge Chair

An Eames Lounge Chair is a piece of furniture that effortlessly combines comfort, style, and modern design. The chair has been in high demand since 1956 when it was first envisioned. It’s a piece of furniture that is singularly striking and has nothing else like it in existence.

Many high profile offices will have these chairs in them, and they’re often used in movie sets to denote power and professionalism in a new-money kind of way. What’s more is that according to many, this chair is the epitome of comfort.

3. Egg Chair

Designed only a few short years after the Eames Lounge Chair, the Egg Chair is a piece of Danish furniture that has become one of the most recognizable pieces of furniture from the 1950s. This chair is incredibly dexterous and has been equally popular in homes, hotels, and businesses.

The Egg Chair is unique in its rounded style which is exactly what gave it its name. In an office, this chair adds a sleek sophisticated vibe to the space. It suggests a futuristic, high-tech focus within the business and encourages a sense of tranquility for those within the space.

4. Panton Chair

If your office is all about fun, innovation, and growth, then the Panton chair is for you. This was the first ever chair to be made completely out of moulded plastic and, as such, has always been a stand for innovation, and thinking outside the box. The Panton chair is usually available in an assortment of bold colors, is durable, and is also easy to move around, making it ideal for office spaces which encourage communication and
shared creative tasks among staff.

5. Tulip Chair

The Tulip chair is another design from the 1950s and is often used as a accompaniment to a kitchen table. However, as a stand-alone piece, the Tulip chair offers a retro feel to an office, and gives a throwback to past innovations. It was an incredibly futuristic-looking chair at the time
that it was devised and adds an intriguing aspect to any space it occupies.