Storage Hacks for Small Bathrooms

Storage Hacks for Small Bathrooms

We all desire each room of our home to be functional and organized.  This can pose a problem for those with limited bathroom space.  The bathroom is expected to house cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, toiletries, make up, etc.  While many modern homes are becoming more sensitive to this and providing multiple cabinets for storage, many homes have bathrooms barely larger than a powder room.  Here are the top hacks to keep your items organized and out of the way, even in the smallest of bathrooms.

Utilize Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can add to your décor, as well as provide severely needed organization and storage.  Styles range from traditional to colored fitting any décor style.  Place one near the toilet to hold excess toilet paper in style.  Add another to the back of the toilet to hold hair products or other toiletry items in desperate need of organization.

Add Free Standing Shelves

Even in small spaces, the walls are a blank canvas to maximize.  Add multiple shelves above the toilet, under the sink, or in other bare places on your walls.  You can then add storage with open or covered baskets.  These can house all your items and add style to any bathroom.  Hooks can also be a great addition for hanging bathrobes and towels out of the way.

Add a Wall Cabinet

If you don’t enjoy dusting free standing shelves, consider installing a wall cabinet.  This can provide much needed storage and keep everything hidden from sight.

Try A Sink Skirt

In many small bathrooms, storage is further hindered with a pedestal sink instead of a sink with vanity.  Help rectify this problem by adding a sink skirt around the sink.  This option allows you to frequently change the look you are going for by adding different fabrics, textures, patterns, and even seasonal options.  The skirt allows you to store many items beneath the sink, all the while remaining well-hidden.

Throw in A New Addition

Add a small stand or a repurposed nightstand to provide extra storage for your important items.  This furniture can add both style and storage.

Stacked Crates

If you are particularly fond of rustic décor, consider adding stacked crates to your bathroom.  They can be left natural wood or painted any color to suit your décor.  They provide a focal point and practical storage option.

Additional Shower Storage

Install a second shower curtain and add hooks.  Hang shower caddies, loofahs, washcloths, and bottles.  This provides additional storage for small showers.

Add Racks to the Back of the DoorDon’t let any space go unused.  Instead add multiple towel racks to the back of your bathroom door, keeping your towels off the floor and out of the way.