Seven Ways to Lighten Up the Darkest of Rooms

Have you ever looked at a room in your house and thought if this room wasn’t so dark and dreary it would be a really nice room? While most of us are unable to afford a complete remodel, the majority can afford to make small additions, changes, and upgrades to bring life and light into a tired, boring room. Here are seven tips for making your dungeon a haven.

Paint the Ceiling White

Dark ceilings can make a room appear and feel smaller. Adding white paint can give the illusion of an open, inviting space, making the area feel roomier.

Make Your Window Treatments Work for You

Using light window treatments can maximize the natural light in the room. Stay away from heavy drapes, curtains, and window treatments. Utilize blinds and roman shades which take up minimal space. It is particularly wise to utilize opaque window treatments that give you privacy while allowing natural light to filter in.

Utilize Decorative Rugs

A great way to make a dark floor appear lighter is with the addition of a decorative rug. Light, fun colors will do wonders in brightening your space.

Incorporate Metallic Décor

A simple way to create a feeling of light and luxury to a dark space is to utilize shimmering metallic gold and silver home décor. A good choice would be a piece of artwork, decorative item, mirror, or light fixture. A tasteful combination of multiple items is also a great choice.

Keep Your Windows Clean

While this may seem like a common-sense tip, many of us hate the chore of washing our windows. This small thing can make a huge difference in how a room feels. A clean fresh space always feels more inviting. More natural sunlight is able to shine through clean windows to make the entire space feel larger and brighter.

Embrace the Power of Mirrors

An aptly placed mirror can greatly increase the feel of openness in a room. This effect largely comes from the reflective surface reflecting natural light and is in essence doubling the sunlight coming into the room. To maximize this effect the mirror should be hung across from the largest window in the room.

Utilize Decorative Pillows, Couch Covers, and Table Cloths

Is your couch or table contributing to the dark feeling of the space? While replacing or refinishing furniture is always a great way to add light to a room, not everyone can afford to replace major pieces such as a couch or table. A quick fix to dreary furniture that needs new life is the addition of pops of light neutral colors. To lighten a dark table, utilize table cloths and doilies. A couch or bed can be lightened with the addition of tasteful decorative pillows, throws, comforters, or couch covers in light colors.