Children’s Bedrooms

Make the Most of The Limited Space in Children’s Bedrooms

Over the years of flipping houses, I have discovered a frequent complaint is limited space in children’s bedrooms.  This is a particularly pressing concern for parents wishing to house more than one child per room.  As I continue to expand into selling homes already furnished, I have discovered many great hacks for organizing small spaces to make them functional and personal for each child.

Make Use of All Available Space

For rooms housing multiple children, the entirety of the room can be hogged up with large bed.  Make the best use of the available space and make the room feel bigger by using bunk beds.  If you need to house more than two kids per room, consider adding an additional set of bunk beds on the opposite side of the wall.  Make sure you have room for friends by purchasing bunkbeds with an additional pull out trundle.

Add Shelves and Hooks for Storage

Keeping the space clutter free can provide your children with plenty of room.  Add extra storage and keep items off the floor by installing hooks and shelving on available wall space.  This will give them a functional way to organize coats, backpacks, toys, etc.

Make the Most of Your Closet

While the room itself may only offer enough space for a single dresser, consider housing a second dresser inside the closet.  Since, kid’s clothing is typically smaller and shorter, there should be adequate room to hang clothing above the dresser storage.


Most of us are guilty of holding onto more clothing than we really need.  Be vigilant in sorting through your children’s clothing often.  Get rid of anything that is damaged or no longer fits.  Keep only the clothing that is appropriate for the current season and store out of season clothing in a protected Rubbermaid container in the basement or garage.  This will help significantly in fitting everything in neatly for children sharing tight quarters.

Add Storage Cubes/Book Shelves

Toy and craft organization can often feel overwhelming.  Add in a storage cube/book shelf to keep everything organized and off the floor.

Add Privacy

In a room shared by multiple siblings, the issue of privacy can create problems, especially as children grow and mature.  Help mediate this problem by adding in curtains.  Curtains can easily be added to the side of bunkbeds, allowing each child to feel as sense of privacy and ownership over their space.  For rooms with just two children, consider adding in a room dividing curtain, allowing your children to feel like they have their very own room.