How to Write a Blog that People Want to Read

It’s no secret that the blogging world is a competitive and fast moving space. It seems that every few minutes a new blog appears. Sure, there’s high demand for them—almost everyone seeks knowledge through a quick Google search now. But how can you guarantee that people will click on your article and, not just click on it, but actually enjoy reading it (and maybe even come back for more)?

Create an appropriate tone

Tone is everything. It’s what gives readers the “feel” of a piece of writing and it will either appeal to them immediately, or it will turn them off forever. Of course, you cannot appeal to every audience and every type of reader. But you don’t want to—you want to appeal to your reader, and you want to appeal to them strongly.

So, first thing is first: determine your audience. Then, determine what you’re going to say to them. Finally, add to that who you are, and what you represent. Now, start writing within that framework.

If you are appealing to people who want to educate themselves on their professional field, and you are providing them with information and advice while striving to be seen as the authority in the topics that you post about, then you need to create an air of authority, reliability, and a sense of timelessness.

Whatever your angle, make sure you stick to it. Consistency is key, you should not write low- brow comedy pieces one day, then follow it up with dense academic text the day after that. It would be like changing personalities in an instant or changing accents halfway through a speech—it puts people off, creates confusion, and will lead them away.

Make sure you have an “about me”

First of all, a website without an about me often looks like a scam or a side project that probablyisn’t worth a reader’s time if it isn’t even worth the time of the writer.

So, make sure you have an about me. Be friendly, honest, and open here. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve come across a great blog and then found an about me that is scattered and uninteresting to read. In those cases, I’ve never visited the blog again.

Why? Because if someone is reading your “about me” they genuinely want to know more about you, and if you can’t satisfy that need a in a clear and impressionable way then they likely will stop caring about your “about me” at all.

Respond to comments

The final key to creating a blog that people will want to read is to make sure that you 1) encourage comments (no one wants to feel like they’re reading something all alone on the web. It’s like sitting in a restaurant that’s empty while the place next door over flows with people having a great time. Eventually, they’re going to join the others and probably not come back); and 2) engage with your readers! If they have commented on your blog posts, write back—and make it personal! Don’t be afraid to write long, detailed responses to provoke further conversation. The more they visit your page to chat with you, the more likely they are to keep reading your stuff.