Covid-19 Outbreak

How to Stay Safe During the Covid-19 Outbreak

It seems that every time you turn on the television or scroll through social media, it is an assault of information, fear, opinions, hysteria, and panic. It is easy to feel sad and discouraged during this uncertain time. I am quite social and love to be out and about. As warnings increase regarding this spread of this illness, I am spending more time at home, enjoying every precious moment with my family. There is nothing like a crisis to make you appreciate who and what really matters. I pray each of my readers are healthy and safe. Here are some tips on avoiding panic, while implementing measures to keep you and others safe!

Personal Hygiene is Key

As with all sicknesses, they are easily transferred from hands to eyes, mouth, or nose at which point you become infected. Be sure you take care to thoroughly scrub your hands and under your nails, every single time you come home. Be sure to use warm water, soap, and scrub for no less than 20 seconds in order to kill viruses and bacteria. Take special care to do this each time before you handle or eat food, after you use the restroom, and after you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose.

Be Respectful of Others

If you are showing any signs of illness, don’t take a chance, stay home. While your immune system may be young and able to fight off illness easily, your elderly neighbor may face serious or life-threatening complications as a result of becoming ill.

Also be courteous to those who are elderly or disabled during this frightening time. Offer to share extra supplies with those who have been unable to purchase necessary supplies due to increased panic. Offer to visit stores for elderly or disabled family members, friends, or neighbors, to lessen their risk of exposure in their more vulnerable condition.

Be prepared, but don’t hoard supplies so there is enough to go around for everyone. In order to keep everyone safe, each family needs cleaners and soaps to protect themselves, as well as the general public.

Eliminate Unnecessary Outings

No one wants to cancel their long-anticipated plans, but the reality is viruses spread like wildfire in close proximity with other people. The CDC is currently recommending no gatherings exceeding 50 people. Do your part to stop the spread of this illness by staying home as much as possible and only going out for necessary trips, such as grocery shopping. The lives of the most vulnerable hang in the balance. Be part of the solution not the problem.