How to Organize Your Office Space to Maximize Productivity!

When I’m not out working on fix-n-flips, I work from my home office. I’m told that there are three stages to working from home:

1. Wow, this is great! I get to work from home.
2. I wish there was somebody to talk to.
3. I wonder whether that pigeon will sit in the window again today.

Just a joke, but working from home can be difficult; not just with distractions, but in staying focused and motivated.

The home office can be a place most dreaded, often filled with disorganization and clutter. While we know we need to go complete tasks for our job, pay bills, etc. it is easy to dread even going into the room. A messy space can greatly impact productivity. Just as it is important to keep the bedroom as a haven of relaxation, it is important to keep the atmosphere of the office clean, organized, and focused. Here are some pro tips to getting more done in your home office.

Invest in Good Quality Lighting

An often-underappreciated feature of a productive office space is good lighting. Good lighting can help lift your spirits, prevent depression, eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. There is nothing better than natural light. Especially if you work from home, open those windows and doors to utilize the natural light! Make sure to invest in aptly placed lamps throughout the space to add extra light on dark and dreary days.

Prioritize a Comfortable, Ergonomic Desk and Chair

Be sure to invest in a desk and chair you find comfortable. Adding pillows can provide more comfort or elevate you to better see your computer. Ideally you want your eyes to be 24-36 inches from the computer screen with the top of the monitor at or below eye level. Furthermore, make sure your feet are resting on the floor or footrest. A chair that reclines slightly is beneficial as it can reduce pressure on the spine and help prevent lower back pain.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is a known deterrent to productivity and focus. It will be beneficial to commit to keeping your space clean. At the end of each day, commit to spending 10 minutes tidying up so you can start your day fresh in the morning. If you are able to afford a cleaning service, that will be a great resource in making sure your space receives a regular cleaning. If not, schedule in a certain day each week that you focus on giving your space a deep clean.

Turn Up That Temperature!

Most of us know it can be hard to focus if we are very cold. As it turns out, warmer rooms produce greater productivity. Regulate your temperature to where you are comfortable. Utilize fresh outside air, sweaters, blankets, space heaters, or adjustments to your A/C or furnace.

Connect with Nature

Humans seem to need to get in touch with Earth. Bringing live plants into your space can help increase happiness, reduce stress, and promote greater productivity. Also, let nature into you by opening shades and windows whenever possible. Even pictures of nature can elevate mood and overall productivity.