Fix and Flip Denver Homes

Fix and Flip Denver Homes

Hi, my name’s Paige. Welcome to my first ever personal blog post.

I’ve always been a very active writer, but mostly writing for other people. This is my first foray into writing for my own website. I hope you’ll join me on my journey, where I’ll try to keep you entertained and informed on all things Denver related.

By the way, as I mentioned, I’ve written a huge amount of website content, articles, and blog posts for small businesses both in Denver and across the USA. If you’re interested, my rates are extremely competitive. Check out my blog resources page.

Despite all my writing accomplishments, my main job, since 2005, has been fix and flips in Denver. Just in case you haven’t come across that term before, it just means that I buy dilapidated, run-down houses, fix them up in whatever way is necessary (e.g. new plumbing, HVAC, bathrooms, kitchen, roof, – whatever is necessary) and then sell the finished property for a higher price. Hopefully, of course, I make a small profit at the end of the exercise.

Oh, that reminds me, if you see any poorly maintained properties that you think I may be interested in – you know, ugly houses, or perhaps a senior that wants to move into assisted living – please do email me the details.

This started out well and mushroomed beyond what I could easily cope with during the unfortunate days of recession and foreclosures. However, the Denver market us currently booming, with home sales getting multiple views and offers, often above asking price, and often within the first 24 hours. It’s crazy!

Fix and Flip Denver Homes

Now, even though my fix and flip industry is usually targeting a different segment of real estate, there are still fewer homes and more competition. I’m not worried. I believe I do a great job of creating beautiful, structurally sound properties. And, as mentioned, the resale market is very good, though home price appreciation appears to have slowed down a little.

It does mean that, while I’m still working hard – in fact, just picked up a new property in Aurora – I do have a little more time for other things… such as my own blog and promoting my blogging resources for other. I’ll try to keep my personal blog updated regularly. Please bookmark me and check back regularly if you’re interested in:

Home Improvement – I’ll certainly talk about work-related matters occasionally, including great tips on how to cuts costs without cutting corners on any home related projects.

Denver Restaurants – It’s an indulgence, but I love to eat out, and I’m always trying new restaurants. I’ll share my experiences.

Denver Lifestyle – I’m very outgoing, so get around quite a bit. If there’s something going on, it’s not unlikely that I’ll be there.

Occasional Musings – I purposely going to steer clear of religion and politics (of which we’re already getting far too much), but I’ll sporadically throw in the “and now for something completely different” topics.

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