Furnishing Vacation Homes

Recently, during one of my fix and flipping endeavors, I decided to try investing in a vacation home.  Instead of reselling, my husband and I have decided to keep it for the time being and rent it out for profit.  Part of the restoration process was learning how to properly furnish a vacation home that would see hundreds of people over the course of the year.  Here are my best tips on functionally and attractively furnishing a vacation home.

Think About Ease of Cleaning

Since a vacation rental will see hundreds, maybe even thousands of different people over the course of a year, it is important to consider how easily the furniture you choose can be cleaned.  Don’t pick finicky fabrics that will wear out quickly or are unable to be cleaned.  The fact of the matter is, renters will not take care of your furniture like they would their own; with this in mind, purchase accordingly.

Value Quality and Practicality

While you want to furnish your property with quality pieces, be sure to also be practical.  Since the furniture will be so heavily used, it is important that you don’t overspend on furnishings you will need to replace frequently.

Think Comfort First

The essence of vacation is relaxation.  While you may be tempted to forgo comfort to save a few bucks, guests will be more likely to come back again if they find the property offers plush and comfortable furnishings.

Decorate with a Purpose

People go on vacation to experience the unique joys of a specific location.  Capitalize on this by matching your decorating scheme to the location.  If your property is a beach front condo, use light blues and greens with beachy décor.  If you are looking to rent a cabin in the mountains utilize homey items such as log beds, deep colors, and quilts.

Consider the Quality of Mattresses

Nothing will turn your guests off faster than waking up each morning with a backache.  Be sure to invest in quality mattresses for your vacation home.  A great test is to spend a night in each of the beds yourself.  If you can’t stand the mattress it is likely your guests won’t be thrilled either.

Add Storage Space

If your vacation property is not well equipped with closet space, be sure to add adequate storage via dressers.  Since most guests will be spending at least a week at the home, it is a nice luxury to unpack instead of living out of suitcase.