Design to Improve Your Mental Health

Recently, I have been feeling overstressed and overwhelmed.  I have been so busy flipping homes and writing for others that I have neglected my own home and mental health.  My home used to feel like a relaxing haven after a long workday but has now evolved into chaos.  I decided to take some time off work to focus on me and my home.  Here are my best tips on organizing your home to better your mental health!

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere

Unorganized living spaces such as a bedroom or living room can make you feel overwhelmed and over-stimulated.  Reduce stress and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home by cleaning up and removing excess clutter.  Furthermore, it is always good to downsize and donate items that are no longer useful to you.  You will be amazed how much better you feel after ditching excess items.

Make the Most of Your Space

After a while, the design of your spaces gets tired and boring.  Rearranging your furniture can transform your space without spending a dime.  It will give you a fresh view of the room and give you joy as you reevaluate your space.

Add Some Greenery

Adding houseplants can drastically improve your mood.  Studies prove plants reduce anxiety, as well as help to lower your blood pressure.  Additionally, plants naturally improve your air quality.  They add a personal touch, color, and beauty to your home even during the cold winter months when it is difficult to get outside.

Use Color to Your Benefit

You may not realize it, but color has its own psychology behind it.  You may not think much about the colors you have utilized in furnishings and paint, but these colors can significantly impact your mood.  Choose stress reducing colors like green that have been proven to be soothing to your mind.  The human body desires to connect with nature and since much of nature boasts of green hues, adding green can trick your mind into feeling the tranquility of nature.

Even if you do not want to repaint your walls green, adding green accents via furniture or décor and discarding colors that are known to be depressing can help brighten your mood each day.

Utilize Soft Edges

It can be helpful to use items with rounded edges as they have been shown to be helpful in promoting a relaxing atmosphere.  Rooms featuring many points and edges cause you to internally fear getting hurt.  This can steal your tranquility.  Instead, utilize curves and rounded edges on your furniture and décor to create an environment of calm, safety.