Avoid Making Amateur Blogging Mistakes

I have been blogging for many years now.  While I have refined my technique, the early years of blogging was rough for me.  Like any new trade, it is easy to make foolish mistakes.  Take time to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid common mistakes that make your work look amateur.

Avoid Narrow Thinking

When writing blogs, it can be easy to only write about topics that interest you.  Instead, expand your horizons and think about the audience you are writing for.  Be sure that your posts will be helpful and interesting for your intended audience.  Particularly if you are writing for a company or your own company, pick topics that will help expand the business.  Address frequently asked questions in your blogs or include information about products or services your company sells/provides.

Avoid Overly Formal Writing

Particularly if you are a college graduate, it may be difficult to switch out of formal writing mode.  While, many things in life call for intellectual, formal writing styles, blogging is not one of those.  The main purpose of a blog is to engage your audience and make them want to read your writing.  When you write extremely formally, it can feel like another boring research paper, discouraging people from reading your articles.  Instead, have some fun with your writing.  Add in your own personal flair to engage your readers and make them want to read more.

Avoid Topics That Are Too General

When you first begin blogging it is a learning curve for sure.  It can be tempting to jump into tackling big topics.  Avoid this temptation as very broad topics make it difficult to produce quality, engaging material.  Instead find a very specific topic that you are passionate about or that is relevant to your business.  You will grow an audience that continues to learn from your posts and may even lead to new customers.

Organization is Key

Blog posts are not meant to be excessively long, but to concisely address a specific question or topic.  Even though blogs are not to include formal style writing, it is important that the writing is organized and pleasing to the eye.  If you want people to keep reading your work, it will be important to structure your blog with headings and an attention-grabbing introduction, as well as title.

Don’t Take Short Cuts on Editing

Nothing is a bigger turnoff to an educated reader than writing full of spelling and grammar errors.  Take the extra few minutes to edit your blog and ensure it reads at its very best before posting online.  Quality work will help you gain credibility and grow your reader base.