5 House Flipping Blogs You Should Be Following Right Now


As a house flipper, I know the absolute excitement you feel when you stumble across some pretty corner of the internet where house flipping reigns supreme. While you’ve already found one such corner here, I’m eager to share with you some other great blogs that have fueled my creative hunger and made my house flipping career all the more exiting.

1. House Flipping HQ

House Flipping HQ This is a great place to start if you are new to the house flipping biz. Hosted by house-flipper Justin Williams, it educates its subscribers on how to flip houses for free. There are podcasts, blogs, seminars and more.

2. The Bachelorette Pad Flip

This blog is as unique as it is filled with engaging and useful information. Run by Jenn, a realtor in Northwest Arkansas, the blog offers design ideas, tutorials, and a plethora of DIY projects. Jenn is seriously passionate about renovating ugly homes and getting them back to their former glory. Get a big dose of passion and find yourself intoxicated by it as you watch this woman take on the renovation world one home at a time.

3. Spruce and Pine

For a more upscale look at house flipping, be sure to check out the Spruce and Pine blog run by duo Diane and Lance in the Silicon Valley. The couple brings a unique perspective to the home renovation and house flipping world. With a deep love for vintage details they offer up inspiring and fresh renovation ideas. And with a background as an art director and yacht builder combined, the pair certainly bring with them a passion for what the overall effect of a renovated home can have on people.

4. Flipping the Flip

This blog isn’t exactly what the title suggests: it flips everything you thought you knew about house flipping on its head. Offering oodles of DIY advice, home decor and interior design inspiration, the blog centers itself around the life of its creator, Becky, and follows her as she navigates home owning, taking care of her fur babies, and creating new amazing spaces in her home. If you’re looking for something relatable—or something like finding your new best friend—then look no further.

5. Flip Finding

If you’re serious about flipping, but don’t have the funds for it yet, then Flip Funding is the website for you. Created by house flipper Roderick Stanback, the blog space offers real, tangible advice and calls-to-action that will get you flipping your first home in no time at all. Offering loans for the sole purpose of flipping a home, this website gets it: house flipping is a great source of income, but getting started can be hard. Well not anymore. The website also offers great resources that will answer most of your house flipping questions too. Perfect!

So, go out there and start checking these sites out. The future is flipping and it’s flippin’ great.
Is there a house flipping blog you LOVE think we’ve missed here? Let me know.