Ninja banners – Learn unique technique to generate revenue

From the desk of Pat Flanagan,

I know it’s happening on your websites. I’ve seen it happen on my own websites. Banner click rates are down, they’ve been moving down steadily for years. And less clicks equals less money for you and me.

It’s because of one simple fact…

Let Me Tell You A Little Story To
Illustrate What’s Happening…

I grew up in the Midwest. We had good weather during the summer, but during the winters… we had snow. And plenty of it.
And let me tell you, nothing beats walking outside on a sunny winter’s day with a fresh snowfall…

Instant Snowblindness

Going snowblind is when it’s bright out and the snow on the ground reflects all the light back up. Everything is there around you, just like during the summer. You just can’t see any of it, no matter how good your sunglasses are.
Your visitors aren’t snowblind, though…


People have been surfing the web for 15 years now. The “good old days” of the web are like the summertime in my story. Your website visitors saw everything on the screen, because it was all new to them. And they clicked on EVERYTHING.
Over the years, though, we’ve moved into “winter” and people have become banner blind. They’re so used to seeing website ads, they have started ignoring them. This happens at the subconscious level.

Making less money sucks, doesn’t it? I got really tired of it. So I decided to do something about it.
I started thinking, what I could do to make my banners noticeable… What could overcome my website visitors’ banner blindness…
Then it hit me…

Maybe My Banners Shouldn’t
Look Like Banners At All.

If my website visitors weren’t noticing banners, then maybe they’d notice more content. Or maybe they’d notice other new things that they’re used to clicking on at other sites.
This was a situation where my years of graphic design experience came in handy. After a few weeks of outside-the-box thinking, I had the perfect solution.

I’ll Tell You Now, This May Not Be For You.

I’ll tell you right now that what I came up with is sneaky. It’s crafty. And it isn’t for everyone.
So if the idea of doing something tricky with your website visitors gets your panties in a twist…
Don’t read any further. You should leave right now.
For those of you who want to get more clicks and make more money, though… This is for you.

Dear Warriors,
Ninja banners offer eight tricky banners layouts, each designed to look like a section of content or a social media click trigger. They come in PSD format, so you can easily customize them with any graphic editor like Photoshop or free GIMP to add content and photos/graphics pertaining to the offer you’re linking to.

They’re a powerful click-grabbing cure for banner blindness.

Each NINJA BANNERS layout comes in the 12 Adsense banner sizes:
• 160×600, 120×600 and 120×240 Skyscrapers
• 728×90, 468×60 and 234×60 Horizontals
• 336×380, 300×250 and 180×150 Rectangles
• 250×250, 200×200 and 125×125 Squares

You get total 96 banners

What these tricky banner layouts are?

Ninja Banners understand how to engage your visitors so they click your ads without hesitation. Our layouts cover almost every section of interactive ad presentation without increasing their numbers.
Our layouts covers
Social media Strips: They resemble social media widgets but actually they are ads
Instant Messaging Strips: Just like a popular instant messaging interface, where you can put ads instead of messages
News media Strips: Using an interactive news widget resemblance where you can easily put ads.

Our ads will look like this

How Much Does Ninja Banner Cost?

Between you and me… I know I have to give you a good deal, that’s just how these things work. But I still have to show you how good a deal it really is. So…
I know how long it took to design all these banners from scratch, because I did it. If you hired a graphic designer to create these (and they’d have to be a GOOD graphic designer in order to make this work, not some cutrate Fiverr flunky)… You’d easily pay at least $200 per design.
And there are 8 designs here, so we’re talking about more than $1,500 for what you get in NINJA BANNERS.
I’m not going to charge $1,500. Or $150. Or even $15.

Buy it for $5 now ,70% off for warriors

Why to choose Ninja Banners
1) Totally optimized for Adsense ready templates and websites
2) Provide interactive atmosphere to visitors
3) Easily convert your ads
4) Social media friendly
5) Easy to customize
6) Present your offers in friendly manner

What you get 

Developer License + 96 Banner Templates (PSD format).Developers License enables you to use and sell banners made from our templates.

Refund Policy: 100 % refund ,Return period of 50 days. No questions asked .No risk involved

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Mega Robot Bomber

You really need to read this ..

The only way to dominate the Web 2.0!

Now BOOST Your Ranking Traffic and Sales…Without Hitting a Button.

Mega Robot is Unique…

There are many others software but all the same thing . Mega Robot Bomber is unlike any other program. Mega Robot contains a unique formula to achieve success. If you are tired of the same in each program, this is your chance to have something unique and powerful.

Here is the program of your dreams-this is no joke! Mega Robot Bomber has everything you need to obtain first spot in search engines, and gain thousands of daily visitors. It all depends on how many visitors you want and how much money you’d like to earn. The possibilities are infinite! .

  • Create, submit and promote unique content.
  • Social networks, articles and RSS directories, Bookmarks, forums.
  • Create, index and energize backlinks.
  • Increase dramatically Ranking, Traffic and Sales…
  • Submit your RSS in the Top RSS Directories and Social Networks.
  • Build a RSS with any url list to index, energize or increase backlinks.
  • Post Comments Automatically in 1000s of blogs.
  • Add friends/followers in Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Create unlimited Facebook pages and post content in any facebook page.
  • Become a member and post content in facebook’s groups
  • Harvest, add and send message to targeted contact in Skype.
  • Send Bulk Emails.
  • Send bulk messages in
  • Organize your list of clients and send offer or updates to your list
  • Create Unlimited Accounts Automatically in all features.
  • Index any url list very fast with a very powerful wheel system.
  •  Supports UNLIMITED accounts.
  • Submit 100s even 1000s of articles in alphabetical order.
  • Spinn any article.
  • Check important details of the SEO of any webpage.
  • Track all backlinks of any Site even if they are not indexed (Like SeoMoz).
  • Download the backlinks reports.
  • Energize your backlinks.
  • Solve captcha Automatically.
  • Share your articles or any other content on the following list:
  • (included all social networks)
  • Hellotxt (included all social networks)
  • Hootsuite (included all social networks)
  • Articles Directories
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • WordPress
  • Pliggs
  • Skype
  • PhpDug
  • Scuttle
  • ScuttlePlus
  • Wiki Sites
  • DailyMotion
  • Google Plus Poster
  • High PR websites(profiles)
  • and many more also you can add your onw list.
  • Youtube Marketing.
  • Harvest emails from CraigsList.
  • Create Backlinks in profiles in the more powerful list of websites.
  • Check the ranking of any site (inner pages included) with 1000s of Keywords.
  • Penny Auctions Auto Bidder.
  • Generate a sitemap for any website.
  • Continuous updates.
  • Almost 24 hours of free support.
  • And more…

“This is a Fantastic Testimonial by a client”


Originally Posted by dadhere View Post
 I have to say that this is the best way to get your Web 2.0 experience working and effective online.

The application is constantly upgraded with new effective tools and addons and the support is outstanding.

A very patient man with the integrity to back up his work ethic.

I’m very pleased to have this software and the man behind it. You will not find a more effective tool to get you noticed online than this one. Get it while you can!




Mega Robot Bomber include awesome addons and plugins.

Constantly developing new addons as Backlinker Ninja, Facebook Domination,RoadRunner article submitter, seo explorer, Twitter adder,local business domination and many more..

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I can guarantee that I have tested this program with over 100 beta testers and myself on every occasion obtaining excellent results in increased rankings, backlinks and sales. On the other hand I guarantee an unconditional refund for 30 days.
Eduardo Gutierrez
Owner of Mega Robot Bomber

Get Your FREE Update LifeTime…

This is the only way to receive the download link, license and new updates or versions of Mega Robot Bomber. Remember confirm the subscription ! Thanks.

 Your Privacy is Safe. We Will Never Share Your Details… Ever!

“This is a Fantastic Testimonial by a client”


Originally Posted by 914454 View Post

I purchased this software towards the end of last year. Since then, Eduardo has updated the program and added new requested features a number of times. This tells me that he cares about people who buy from him.

The product is a desktop application that works on your computer. It works very well and I have been able to create many accounts and submit to them with the greatest of ease, helping my sites climb up the SERPs. To do all this manually would have taken me a long, long time and would probably not even be anywhere near as effective, specially as I don’t have that much time available, so virtually nothing would have been done by me.

I am very happy with my purchase. It has saved me a huge amount of time and the software works very well. The support that Eduardo provides is top notch and he is only ever as far away as an email or Skype. Eduardo does not speak a perfect English, but he certainly understands what his customers want and makes himself understood by providing great quality software and excellent customer support.

For anyone wanting to save a lot of time and improve their search engine rankings,I highly recommend this product.

Barry Friedmann
Free Internet Marketing Ebook Library!

Barry Friedmann


Eduardo Gutierrez

Regular Price $ 800.00

Today Only $250 Lifetime


Click2Sell is an authorized retailer of Mega Robot Bomber

Thanks for choosing us!

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WordPress Helpr Support Club

Never Lose Sleep Over WordPress Again With Our WordPress Support, Security & Backups Membership!



WordPress Support, Security & Backup Membership

Does your WordPress website need help, support, management, or routine updates? We can provide reliable wordpress support every month that includes up to 5 hours of support, daily management, backups, updates, security scans, maintenance, changes and other services.

Do you use WordPress for your business? Let us help you reach your website’s full potential with our premium small business wordpress support service. We can provide a full range of professional business-level wordpress support including WordPress SEO, Support, Updates, Design, Maintenance, Security and more.

Daily WordPress Support Services You Can Trust

WordPress Helpr provides monthly wordpress help, support, security, backups, maintenance, and more. We provide most of our services automatically, and behind the scenes without needing to bother you. Our hands-free wordpress maintenance services can be trusted with your important wordpress website.

If you need monthly wordpress help, wordpress support, or wordpress backups and security, give WordPressHelpr a try.

Submit Unlimited Tickets For WordPress Support & Help Every Month!

WordPress Helpr allows you to submit unlimited support tickets for your wordpress website.  Premium membership ($99/month) allows for up to 5 hours of support with anything in your wordpress website. Additionally, Members can order more wordpress support hours at anytime!

Get Daily Automatic Backups & Free WordPress Backup Restores!

WordPress Helpr includes daily wordpress backups which are stored securely on our servers for up to 10 days. We also provide free emergency backup restoration in the event you ever need it. It’s like having an insurance plan for your wordpress site, but even better!

Daily Security Scans and Free WordPress Virus Malware Removal!

WordPress Helpr includes daily wordpress security scans using the most powerful and expensive tool on the web, which we use to scan your wordpress site daily and remove any and all viruses and malware as well as secure your database and files from hacking attempts. In the event you are ever hacked we provide free emergency security scans and virus malware removal. We can even assist in getting your site removed from blacklist databases.


$99 Membership in WordPressHelpr Includes:

  • Daily WordPress Backups with a 10 day reserve and free backups restores
  • Daily WordPress Security Scans with free virus and malware removal
  • Daily wordpress updates, maintenance, and database optimization
  • 5 hours of wordpress support monthly for editing content, text or images
  • Submit Unlimited support tickets every month!


Buy now!
$99/month Membership Details:
  1. You will then be charged $99 per month for the Membership.
  2. Your Membership Login & Password will be activated and delivered within 24 hours via email to the email address you use during checkout.
  3. Once your Membership is activated you may login anytime during your membership period to request wordpress support. Your daily backups, security scans, updates and other maintenance will be delivered daily, monthly, and as needed.
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Blog Post Automator

The Ultimate Automated Blog Solution Revealed!

Watch New Content Get Added To Your Blog Every Single Day, In Any Niche You Choose For The Next 8 Years, With Only 3 Mouse Clicks!

New Set It And Forget It Technology Automatically Drip Feeds Fresh New Content Into Your Blog For As Long As You Choose!

How Would You Like To Build The Biggest Blog In Your Niche With 3 Simple Clicks Of Your Mouse, Just One Time?


Do you dread creating content for your blog?

Does blogging seem like more of a laborious chore than you ever imagined it would be?

Would you like an easy way to fill up your blog with content on auto-pilot that you don’t even have to write?

Maybe you’d like a tool that could automate and post all of your content on a schedule that YOU choose!

You’re about to discover a very powerful and brand new breakthrough in blogging technology that can do just that!

From: Ken Swift & Partners

Date: Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Friend,

By making your way to this web page, I can accurately say that you’ve probably done at least a little blogging yourself or at the very minimum have been planning to start a blog.

Blogging is an awesome way to generate traffic, subscribers and customers that you can follow up with for a lifetime of profit.

A good blog creates tons of free traffic that you can send to any affiliate link, web site or sales page that you want.

Many marketers are coming to the realization that a blog can actually be more effective than having an e-mail list!

This is because of all of the cool “subscribe” and syndication features that are now available for a blog.

The one thing that most of us realize is that creating content for a blog can be a whole lot of work which is why we use…

Modified PLR, Outsourced & Borrowed Content…

It’s no secret that many blog owners use other people’s content to create blogs jammed with info rich content.

This has become somewhat of a necessity with the introduction of so many successful blogs hitting the market on a daily basis.

Most of these big named blogs have guest authors that regularly contribute to the site so that the blog owner has to contribute very little, or no content at all!

Having guest writers is a great idea but the harsh reality is that you can’t find them unless you pay them a fortune or have an already highly trafficked and profitable blog they can plug into to get traffic to their sites.

The solution for people like you and I is to use content that we get from alternate sources.

These sources can be article sites or blog content sites that offer tons of content that can be published under your name. I highly recommend for this.

You can also use articles from article directories and publish them with the authors name as a kind of “non-exclusive” guest appearance. The best one which is a great place to share for anyone is

These options provide you with tons of content and if done “right” can actually provide you with a lifetime of content you don’t have to write.

If you do nothing but use the information I just shared with you on your own blog, you will be in the clear for creating content for a long time.

But there is something you may NOT be aware of yet…

“Using Borrowed Content Still Takes Tons Of Time & Effort!”

Using the tricks I just shared with you for getting tons of content are awesome ideas that can literally solve your content problems forever.

Unfortunately, there are some underlying problems that you may not be aware of that pop up once you start using the types of content I just mentioned.

One is that it still takes a ton of time to get an article, login to Word Press, paste in the title and the body, select a category, select a publishing time, etc.

All of these little things added up and multiplied by hundreds of articles or blog posts ends up being dozens, upon dozens of hours and if you have more than one blog, you could be talking in the hundreds of hours or more!

Most people just starting a blog don’t realize this until they start working on their blogs and then realize that they are still required to do a lot of work to get those blog posts up.

Worst of all, you have to do this all the time to keep your blog up to date and keep your blog fresh with the search engines.

So what can you do to solve that problem?

Well, unfortunately, there is no “process” that will help make this work go away for you but all hope isn’t lost!

What if I told you that there was a solution that eliminated ALL of the tasks above that I just mentioned?

What if I further told you that this solution also posted the content to your blog automatically for years (if that’s what you want) while you sleep, hang out or vacation?

Would you be interested?

Most people would be.

Which is why I’m so excited to announce the release of…

Blog Post Automator -
The Ultimate Blog Automator!

Click On Video To Find Out How To Use Blog Post Automator


Remove Yourself From The
Blog Maintenance Equation!

Aufzählung Plug In & Use Simplicity When It Comes To Auto Feed Implementation On Your Word Press Blog!
Aufzählung Eliminate 99.7% Of The Work You Do Posting Content On Your Blog!
Aufzählung Automate Your Blog Posting For Years In Just A Few Clicks!
Aufzählung Upload Text Files, Click A Few Buttons And Walk Away. Yes, Really!
Aufzählung Absolutely The Easiest Piece Of Software You’ve Ever Used For Word Press Period!

Blog Post Automator Is A Complete Solution…

Adding Content To Your Blog Can Be A Big Time Consumer Without The Right Tools In Your Overall Plan In Internet Marketing

Blog Post Automator is the ultimate tool for automating your blog posting activities forever!

It doesn’t matter what kind of content that you have, Blog Post Automator will take care of it!

The best part is that all you have to do is upload your content as text files to a folder on your web site and Blog Post Automator will detect it all automatically for use in Word Press and do all of the hard work posting on any schedule you choose all with 3 simple clicks of your mouse!

You truly have to see this thing in action to believe it!

Dear Ken,

Blog Post Automator opened up my eyes to a whole new world of free traffic generation.

Thanks for opening the doors to your business and sharing this with me!


Allen Potash
Vancouver, British Columbia

This Almost Sounds Too Good To Be True, IsBlog Post Automator Really 3 Click Simple? And Will It Really Auto Load My Blog For Years To Come?

Now, I know that you may have this question running around in your head so I wanted to address it right out of the gate…

There’s no doubt that anyone can make money with the Blog Post Automator Software.

It’s so easy that a grade school student could understand it and even if you’re a total “newbie”, this will be totally within your reach of understanding and application.

Listen, when I said that this is the information right out of my personal playbook during the last few years of successful search engine optimization, I meant it.

And I’m not a “techie” type of person.

I don’t know how to make a hit movie, setup complicated software on websites or do any kind of graphic design. What I do know is how to get things done fast, automated, and in a way that makes money.

What’s Included In Blog Post Automator?

Here’s just some of what you’ll be getting in the system…


No Tech Installation - You have never seen a web based product that installs as easy as this one does. In fact, even if you’ve never installed a script, you can install this to your Word Press blog.


Add Keywords, Descriptions & Title To Each Automated Post - Not only can you automate your posting but now you can add KEYWORDS , Title & A DESCRIPTION to each Automated Post Via The Meta Tags.


Complete Start to Finish User Video Tutorials - Install, Using it from WordPress Admin , Using it to Auto Post text and html files, & Auto Posting video and audio all with Live Examples.


Upload Text Files Simple -All you have to do to load content that is going to be published to your blog is upload text files with the content, articles or blog posts that you want published!


5 Second Use - Setting up content to be published at specific intervals for as long as you want and choosing the category takes literally seconds with this system even it it’s 2,000 future blog posts!


Alphabetically Post You Articles - You can control which article is posted first, second, third and so on…Just name article files alphabetically and the script takes care of the rest.


Complete Automation For As Long As You Want - You can setup automation that allows you to set and forget your blog for as long as you want. I’m talking about setting your blog up for 5 years or more in advance if you want to!


Solid As Steel Operation - This application was coded with rock solid, streamlined code so that there isn’t a bunch of crazy, out of whack files that make it run slow or clunky! It’s rock solid and will withstand a beating!


Integration With The Best - This awesome tool integrates perfectly with your new and shiny Word Press 2.7 blogs in just a quick snap and pop installation!

You Have To Be Crazy To Manually Post To Your Blog Even One More Day, With My Incredible New Blog Post Automator System Now Available!

I don’t need to make another laundry list of features here to make you understand the value of the Blog Post Automator software.

After all, what is a completely automated content filled blog that runs on pure auto pilot worth to you?

What would you do with your time and life if you had enough money coming from the biggest blog in your niche to eliminate all worry about financial security & your future?

Can you really put a price on that?

I don’t think so.

And before you think that I’m trying to lead up to a ridiculously high price, let me stop you.

All B.S. aside, this software works and I know it will work for you.

I also want you to be able to afford the system that I’m going to share with you so I’m going to let you grab the software for a measly $10.00 bucks.


Click Here To Order Now

In an attempt to sweeten the deal even more for you,

I’m also going to add the following hot bonuses to your order

at no charge if you try my system right now…


Not One Or Two, But 3 New, Smoking Hot Info Products – All Targeted At Hungry Niches – Complete With *No Restriction* Private Label Rights !

Concrete Confidence!
41 Pages, No Restriction PLR!

How To Develop The Confidence To Monetize Any Industry

Target Market/Demand : In highly profitable industries, you can almost bet your bottom that there will be masses of highly competitive entrepreneurs. Learn how to beat them with sheer confidence!

Product Description : This book is designed to equip you with one of the most important skills in life – the ability to act in spite of fear… for that is the essence of confidence. Once you have achieved mastery of self, you will be able to do whatever it takes to succeed in any industry.

You Receive The No Restriction Private Label Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

Health & Wealth Magnetism
44 Pages, No Restriction PLR!

Using The Law Of Attraction To Create Health & Wealth!

Target Market/Demand : Anyone who desires to break out of the rat race and live a life filled with time and financial freedom!.

Product Description : Today, people are working more and more for less and less. The best way to live your life is to live it free and without the stress of time pressure and financial constraints. This book will show you how to live free of these constraints and attract a healthy life of financial freedom!

You Receive The No Restriction Private Label Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

Achieve Prosperous Living Through Spiritual Empowerment
42 Pages, No Restriction PLR!

Learn How To Be In Tune With Every Spiritual Aspect In Life No Matter What Belief, Religion Or Doctrine And Achieve Total Financial Prosperity!

Target Market/Demand : Anyone who wishes to discover more about themselves and get rich in the process!

Product Description : We are spiritual beings experiencing a physical experience – not the other way around. Once you are in tune with your inner being, making money shouldn’t be a problem at all. This book will teach you everything a true human being should know about abundant, prosperous living!

You Receive The No Restriction Private Label Rights To This Book In PDF Format, Raw Word (DOC) File And Editable Photoshop Source Document To The E-Cover!

This Package Also Comes With It’s Own Resellers Site

Click Here To View Site


Top 100 WordPress Plugins   ($19.97 Value) 


WordPress Cash Machines   ($9.97 Value)


WP List Pro WordPress Plugin  ($34.97 Value) 


WP ShowMe         ($9.97 Value)


WordPress Salespage Themes V1 ($7.97 Value)


AlertPay Buttons Plugin ($9.97 Value) 


EZ WP Rotator Now Plugin ($29.97 Value)


Quick WordPress Websites  ($29.97 Value)


WordPress Clickbank ($39.97 Value)


WP Covert Linkz ($24.97 Value)


WP Login Pro WordPress Plugin ($29.97 Value)


WP No Escape WordPress Plugin ($37 Value)

57 HTML Templates & 5 WP Themes ($49.97 Value)

Click And Call Pro WordPress Plugin ($49.97 Value)

WordPress Optin Form Plugin ($19.97 Value)

WP Websites For Dumb Dumbs ($9.97 Value)

Go ahead and grab the software for the cost of a
supreme pizza 
and start on your own road to financial freedom!

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

Click below to order for instant digital delivery right now for only $5.00
(even if it’s 3:00 in the morning, you can download this software package now)

 Yes Ken, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

INCLUDES: Master Resell Rights!

Order the Blog Post Automator

Plus The Bonus Products

instant download now for only



Important: Blog Post Automator requires you to have a copy of WordPress 2.7 Installed On Your Blog. It has been tested to work with other versions of WordPress but it was created for WP 2.7.


Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

You are minutes away from being able to have the profits rolling in from your successful online business. Our software will reveal the secrets that dramatically boost your profits.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try The Blog Post Automator today?

Ken Swift & Partners

P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your business on the path to success the hard way. Don’t spend weeks trying to “figure it out” let us show you the way!CLICK HERE


I have to say that the system you reveal in Blog Post Automator is the best I’ve ever read!

This week, I got 400+ new visitors without paying a cent for them!

Susan Nash,
Lakewood, CA

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WordPress: Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit


Dear Frustrated Online Marketer

If you’ve ever wanted to find a tried and tested way to make money online without wasting your time or money, then this is the most important thing you will ever read.

Because we want to show you the shortest path possible between your first day in online marketing, and your first paycheck.

  • Maybe you’re setting up a completely new business online
  • Maybe you want to put your current business online

Either way, we will show you the easy way to do this, avoiding all the ‘snake oil salesmen’ out there on the Internet, promising you big returns online when really they just want to take your money and run.

After all you want the right advice, don’t you? Trustworthy guidance that’ll set you up for all these amazing benefits of running a business online:

  • more free time
  • reliable recurring income
  • easy marketing and
  • low costs.



From: Greg & Fiona Scott, and Chris & Susan Beesley

We Know How You Feel

We are, from left to right, Fiona, Susan, Chris and Greg – four people who understand how you might be feeling about the confusing world of Online Marketing.

Because 2 years ago we felt EXACTLY THE SAME!

At the time we all had traditional day jobs – Chris and Susan ran a management consultancy, Greg was a project manager and Fiona was a financial controller for a bank.

We met by chance at an online marketing seminar.

And as we chatted we realised we all wanted to ditch the 9 to 5, head to the airport, jet off to exciting and beautiful countries… and run our online businesses from just a laptop and an internet connection.

Yet Online Marketing Makes You

We’d hit problems with online marketing (probably the same problems you might be struggling with yourself).

How many of these do YOU identify with?

You can’t move for spam – your inbox is threatening to implode with the non-stop torrent of junk. (On our worst day we got flooded with 254 spammy emails in 24 hours!)

You’re losing time – sifting junk certainly takes a big chunk of your day!

You don’t know what works – everyone’s shouting about push-button solutions that make you rich, when we ALL know that can’t really be true!

You’re a commodity – a name and email, a digital identity sold on to goodness knows where.

You don’t know who to trust – people will say ANYTHING just to get the sale.

It’s not a pretty picture, really!

A torrent of distracting information like that hurts your wallet, your watch and your wellbeing.

And we were really suffering.

But one day . . . all that changed!

One day, we were lucky enough to meet a very generous man who took us ‘under his wing’ and guided us through the mire of information in online marketing.

It was like being pulled out of quick sand – the relief was instant plus we started making progress straight away.

You see, that man was already successfully making money online, so he was able to show us what he was doing.

We quickly realized that . . .

You Will Save Time & Money
With Good Mentors On Your Side

So to achieve our goal, we worked every hour we could on improving our skills with the best mentors we could find.

All this education, with our combined business experience, meant…

We Did It! We Quit Our Jobs in 2010
and Now Earn Our Full Time Living Online

We feel very privileged to have the freedom to travel the world, running our businesses from whatever country we are in.

  • Greg and Fiona are published authors – personal development guru Brian Tracy wrote a testimonial for their book.
  • Chris and Susan have a Web TV show interviewing the biggest IM names around, from Chris Farrell to Armand Morin.
  • We all have many private clients who pay us thousands of pounds to consult with us.
  • We coach at events all over the world from the UK and Europe to South East Asia.
Yet, there’s a BIG PROBLEM

Learning how to make money online is a bit like doing a massive jigsaw puzzle.

There are lots of individual pieces. You’ve got to learn about the process (choose your niche, create a website, get traffic, convert the sale). Plus all the tools, (like video marketing, email marketing, social media and auto responders, etc).

But if you learn them in isolation, you don’t really learn how to fit them together in one seamless business.

It’s like someone tips a big puzzle out on the floor, hides the box and tells you to have a go without knowing what the picture is.

You may get there in the end. But think of all the time and effort you’ve wasted!

What do you want – the bad news, or the good news?

Right now, that puzzle box might be very helpful to you. So you could see how others have successfully made money online with a business, and follow the model.

And the bad news was…

We’ve looked. And we haven’t yet found a system that, as business consultants, we think works.

Business consultants are kind of obsessive about writing down processes. So as we went on our journey, we recorded what we did along the way.

And here’s the GOOD NEWS!

So now we have a comprehensive, easy-to-understand system, recorded on paper and video, which shows the blueprint for others to follow.

And now we’d like to share it with you.

So you can do what we did.

Only quicker. And at a fraction of the cost.

the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit

Like the best plans, our formula is really simple…

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from the best in the business. And given it to you, in easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks.

Plus we’ve included some juicy extras – techniques not usually taught to online marketers that we know will be Oh So Useful as you start your business…

We looked on our training as an investment, and we’ve spent $103,454 on our education since we began working with the absolute best people around, eg:

  • The kings of high ranking videos – A remarkable video company that unlocks the reasons why No 1 videos on YouTube get to the top spot. And teaches you how to do the same.
  • The team that coaches 6 figure entrepreneurs how to build a world-beating profile and marketing presence
  • The leading expert on the psychology of success and public speaking – he’s a 20k a day consultant, and we are proud to be part of his mastermind group.

So you can see that the info in the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit has come from the top people around.

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside:

  • The Quick Start Website Guide – in just a few hours you’ll have a site designed exactly how Google likes it
  • Our Power List of website widgets – each of these packs a mighty publicity punch
  • The No-Stress Guide to linking your site to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • The ‘secret weapon’ that keeps you and your customers friendly. Hardly any businesses use this. So you’ll have a BIG ADVANTAGE here
  • Insider techniques to get a steady stream of people to your site
  • The ABCs of perfect content. Never be stuck for what to say. Here are the quick tips on generating killer content whenever you need it
  • Our ‘Bookmarked’ list of trusted suppliers – tells you where we get our photos, quick videos for clients, industry news, ideas for blog entries. It’s taken us years to build this list – treat it with care!
  • The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit – everything you need to help discover your USP, set up your business at home and to rocket your productivity.
6 Essentials You’ll Learn

1. How to get traffic to an offer page – no traffic, no business. You need people to come to your website or it’s all over. We show you how through ads, videos, articles and blogs

2. How to convert traffic into sales – you’ve got traffic, now you need it to stop and buy. We show you top tricks of the trade to turn window shoppers into fans and customers

3. How to build a list from scratch – see our 5 step guide to building a targeted list of people who know, like and trust you. The sort who will be glad to get their credit cards out for the right product

4. How to get sales without a list – quick wins in online marketing – connecting people and products fast for results and commissions. You definitely need the right advice here to avoid most of the money-sink myths

5. How to do the technical stuff – all along the journey, a bad technical decision can halt your website, your traffic or your business. Much easier to learn it right, step by step, from the beginning

6. How to find the time – half of successful online marketing is about mindset. Focus. Drive. Determination. Prioritising. If you need help here, you’ll love our 10 Steps To Success – the combination of a lifetime’s business knowledge about what gets you to your goals plus the best of time-saving and efficient tools available on the net right now – many of them free

How It Works

The Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit gives you videos, tools and backup documents to help you create your own online business.

In its 7 Core Sections, you’ll cover every element of the technical, creative and business thinking you need to set up online.

You just log on, watch what you need, download the tools that will help, and get on with building your business.

If you did one Section a week, you’d have your business up and running in under 2 months.

(It took us 12 months and $51,505 to achieve the same, because we didn’t have a programme like this to follow. We did it the hard way!)

Covers Everything You Need

The videos give you a clear path to follow. Step by step instructions. Often you’re looking over our shoulder as we show you what to do.

Don’t know where to start? Start here. It cuts out all the noise, and gets you straight to business.

One trusted opinion to follow. Not a seething mass of dubious ‘opportunities’.

Imagine the money and time you’ll save, knowing you’ll never have to look at a magic button product or spammy email again.

Available 24/7 365 Days Over The Internet

You can access the videos anywhere with an internet connection. So no more wasted down time. Just hop online and watch a video if you’ve got some time today.

FREE Updates For Life

The Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit is a ‘here-today here-tomorrow’ product!

Because as a client, you also get FREE Updates for life.

We will record new videos to keep the Kit up to date, whenever there are changes that substantially affect our content.

You must have this sort of commitment from anyone teaching you about online marketing.

And here’s why…

Things move fast in online marketing. And we know of several products available right now that are out of date. And if you learn the wrong info, you will stop growing. In fact, you could easily go backwards, just like:

  • Websites that dropped like a stone in Google from Page 1 to Page 243 – after a change to how Google ranked sitesItem #2
  • The Facebook fanpage that disappeared overnight, taking 5,600 fans with it, because it broke a new Facebook rule about self promotion
  • The YouTube channel that got frozen because it was seen as too commercial. (The owner got it back eventually. But it took weeks)

So do you want to risk it? Having everything you’re working for, taken away from you with no notice?

Or would you prefer to have a trusted and well-connected team on your side that keeps you up to date with anything you need to know?

Perfect For Your Current Business
Or A New One

This Kit works if you want to put your existing business online.

It also works if you have just an idea for an online business and need to decide on a niche.

Either way we’ll teach you how to build your business online.

There’s NO programming!

Worried about how to do all the complicated technical bits?

Don’t be – there isn’t any!

Sure there are IT tasks along the way. But we take them one at a time, and explain step by step how to complete them the easy way.

Heck we even show you how, as you look over our shoulder on video as we set up a website, an autoresponder, your Facebook and Twitter accounts and much much more.

All in High Definition Detail, Even When You Zoom In

Some online training programmes are shot in normal resolution. That’s OK until you want to zoom in to see what they’re doing. The picture goes fuzzy. Disappointing!

Not in the Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit. We’ve shot the whole thing in high definition, giving you premium quality video and audio.

Sharp and clear, no matter how close you zoom.

The Best Value Business Package
Of Its Type Available Today
Module 1: The ‘Flying Start’ Guide
  • Insider Tour of how your internet business will work
  • Get a winning business set up in the shortest possible time – step-by-step practical guide
  • FREE – track your results in 2 minutes a day with our downloadable progress planner
Module 2: Domains & Hosting
  • Make-or-break rules to choosing a domain – do it right, and get masses of free visitors!
  • Get on the web today with the right host. But ask these 3 essential questions first
Module 3: Free Websites Through WordPress
  • The 3 steps to creating a professional website in minutes
  • All the geek stuff translated into English and given out step by step
  • Everything covered, from installing a site and creating content to responding to comments and posting when you’re not there
Module 4: Keep In Touch With An Autoresponder
  • Start talking to customers with your autoresponder, your email helper who never forgets to keep in touch (= warm glow for your customers)
  • How emails and webforms give you the edge over other businesses
  • Your essential guide to staying within data protection law – who you can communicate with, what is classed as spam and how to deal with unsubscribes
Module 5: Build Your List
  • Instant list-building – create a page in minutes to capture visitor details
  • The gift that no-one can resist – how to find or create your free giveaway that has visitors pinging you their names and emails
Module 6: Irresistible Website Content
  • Help people know like and trust you from just your content. Instant credibility with our guide to content – where to get inspiration, the topics that your list wants to hear about, and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Includes:
  • Your basic 3 page triangle – Welcome, About and Contact
  • The legals – what small print you need to keep within the law and be ethical
  • Video and pictures – what works best, and how to create your own
  • Frequency – how often is often enough?
  • Use it twice! What to do with your blog post once it’s posted. It’s life is just beginning!
Module 7: Getting and Keeping Customers
  • The truth about traffic – where it comes from, how you find it, and what to do with it once it’s driving straight at you!
  • Why social media is your new best friend for finding customers and spreading your message
  • Your branding – be unique and memorable for all the right reasons. Learn how to change your blog design, change headers, add menus and content
  • WordPress Plugins – plug and play code that takes your business from a website to the complete business experience – from shopping carts and Facebook comments to calendars and installing video.
Module 8: Online Marketing 101

Marketing Strategy Overview – An overview of paid and unpaid marketing and what you should choose

  • Facebook – Getting set up and a tour of Facebook – why and what you should be using it for
  • Google Plus – Getting set up a and tour of Google Plus – why and what you should use it for
  • Twitter – Getting Set up a and tour of Twitter – why and what you should use it for
  • Article Marketing – A six step formula to distribute your articles easily and effectively

It’s an amazing range of information. And all updated so you never fall behind.

Buy Today and Receive 3 FREE
Business-Boosting Bonuses Worth $6,000
BONUS 1 – Website Critique (Value $5,000)

We’ll critique your website when it’s up and running. This is a fantastic check to make sure you’ve tuned everything correctly. And we’ll tell you what to tweak, change or leave exactly as it is! This will maximise how many people come to your site and how many leave their details

  • This type of one-to-one attention takes time, and costs $5,000
  • And you get it completely FREE if you sign up today
BONUS 2 – Get Your Head Straight: Develop Your Entrepreneur Mindset (Value $500)

A fascinating look at what drives entrepreneurs, and how you can model their success. You want more money, time, customers? We tell you how to find them in this 41 page report.

  • Discover the No 1 secret of business success – it’s not what you think!
  • The single most effective place to focus your attention if you want to make money
  • The Business Consultant’s Time Saving Tools ‘cheat sheet’
BONUS 3 – Time-Stretcher Tricks (Value $500)

Promise not to tell anyone? Here’s our personal favourite techniques for boosting productivity. This exclusive report reveals some little known productivity techniques including:

  • Time-Stretcher Tricks – magic yourself more time every day
  • the 1st thing you MUST do whenever – PING – you have a good idea
  • the sneaky distraction to any online business, and how to crush it without mercy!
Your Package Today…

What’s your investment for this complete A to Z of business savvy?

Our training cost us $103,454 and took 2 years. Worth it, but a long time and a big investment!

Clearly we want to pass on this knowledge in a way that saves you money and time.

Plus of course the $6,000 bonus package, which we’re giving you FREE as well…

You pay just $197 today

Saves You Money At The Bank, And Years Of Your Life

Go to business school to learn how to start a business, and you’ll spend thousands on your education (and it’s years ‘til you graduate).

Our own internet marketing education took $103,454 , and 4 years of our lives. (Worth every penny. Yet even so, a considered investment in time and money.)

However you want to start making money online as soon as possible. In weeks not years. And for an investment that won’t mean you start off with a big debt…

So here’s your Helping Hand Deal – the knowledge you need, delivered fast track, and at a special ‘Buy Me’ price of $197

PLUS your FREE Bonus Package Worth $6000

And don’t forget when you buy, you also claim your exclusive bonus package of specials we’re only offering via this page. Worth $6000 And yours when you click the button below to sign up.

Just hit the button below to claim your Kit today.

Buy Risk Free – Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be sure this is the programme for you.

So it comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee – Happy or your money back!

Start the programme, and if you don’t feel like it’s working for you, just tell us within 30 days and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

And you can keep the 3 bonus reports as well, with our compliments.




Andy Harrington,
Amanda Ball, Great Brickhill, Milton Keynes,
Gavin Mountford, Guildford, Surrey,

So now’s the time to choose.

  • Do you want to continue wasting time with the snake oil salesmen all around you?
  • Or do you want to get from here to an online business in the next 8 weeks?

If you’re looking for a sign, THIS IS IT! Click the button below for your no-risk, instant access to your new business online.

PS: Don’t forget – this deal can’t last for ever. Only fast-acting online entrepreneurs are going to get it. Make sure you’re one of them!


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OVERPRESS – Multipurpose WordPress Theme | Build your own layout!

Originally Posted by Adisegna View Post
Maulana builds a good theme with responsive support. I’v purchased a couple of themes from him and have no regrets. Great design with ease of use. You can be up and running very quickly.
Originally Posted by BizRevolutions View Post
I purchased and my tech said “this theme is damn good”. Very good start indeed.
Originally Posted by videoweb View Post
Maulana .. simply brilliant that’s the best way I can describe it..have your WPOffliner as well .



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WordPress Starter Guide – WordPress Tutorial

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website With WordPress

You are about to gain a tremendous advantage over most WordPress users when it comes to creating a website.

WordPress was originally designed for news-oriented sites, but because of its ease of use and flexibility, people are now using it to create all kinds of websites.

The problem is, most WordPress sites aren’t really “news sites”, but the average user doesn’t know how to effectively use the WordPress Menu function and static pages to create a website with a logical navigation and optimal content layout.

FACT: Not every WordPress site should be organized in a total blog format with only categories and posts. WordPress is not just for blogs.

FACT: Too many users fail to make effective use of static landing pages, causing their important content and visitors to get lost in a sea of dated posts.

FACT: Traditional static website owners shy away from using WordPress because they assume their content can only be organized in reverse chronological order.

FACT: Existing WordPress users struggle to make their menus link to the pages they want.

The WP Starter Guide is not only the perfect starter guide for anyone new to WordPress, but it will show you how to make the best use of the dynamic and static functionality so your content is organized in the most logical way for your visitors.

Despite the fact that WordPress is a powerful CMS examples of websites created from scratch are of great interest for drugs side effects like Atenolol side effects also Metoprolol side effects and Simvastatin side effects or Yaz side effects. This sites are simple and contains useful informations for users looking for Atenolol Side effects, Metoprolol Side Effects or Simvastatin Side Effects.

If you are intimidated by WordPress, this guide will make learning a breeze!

What Does The Guide Include?

125 pages (PDF) of up-to-date information on how to use WordPress to create a website. Great for beginners. (Instant download — requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

- Tips on topic/keyword research, SEO (search engine optimization), promotion, plugins, making money, writing content, layout, security and customizing common elements of your blog (header, stylesheet, etc.)

- An entire chapter dedicated to layout that will help you make your WordPress site easier to navigate using static pages and potentially improve your site’s search engine optimization

- Instructions for adding/floating social media icons in your header

- Discover how to easily add AdSense ads to your sidebar

- Lots of colorful screenshots for illustration and easy reading

- Help with using the WordPress Menu feature to create drop-down navigation menus in seconds

- Inside tips on what I’ve done with my newest WordPress site to improve the page views per visitor

FREE lifetime upgrades! WordPress is always being updated, so I will keep the guide up-to-date to reflect major releases and send (email) you a copy.

Who is the WP Starter Guide For?

- People who want to learn how to use WordPress (for hosted sites, not the free version)

- Existing WordPress users struggling with layout, site navigation, and WordPress basics

Download it Today!

Hurry and get your comprehensive guide to using WordPress for only…


Click here to order now!

How to Get This Guide for Free!

To get this guide absolutely free, all you have to do is use to host your website or register a domain name ( You will be presented with a download link on the order confirmation page immediately after you place your order. Please don’t miss it.


Questions about The WP Starter Guide before you order? I’m happy to answer them. Contact me here.

Terms and Conditions

- The WP Starter Guide is for your use only and may not be copied, resold or redistributed under any circumstances

- The guide is published in a PDF format that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

- The WP Starter Guide is for sites on paid hosting accounts, not sites hosted at